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Education. Engagement. Open-Mindedness. Curiosity. Passion

July 21, 2012

When dealing with such a large topic (the world), we needed a way to help narrow our subject and our own thinking. If we don’t give ourselves any direction, how can we expect to give our readers any? Thus we came up with a list of core values to explore within our blog, as well as give The Passport Epilogues purpose. We touched on earlier that a global citizen is one who realizes that everybody is connected. Be it through social networking, economics, or the environment, our actions have an impact that transcend our immediate, local community.

It’s a simple enough explanation, but we were more interested in the person behind the definition. What type of person is a global citizen and what s important to them? How do they live in a world that grows smaller every day?

While hard to narrow down, we feel that the list below contain values we hope to strive towards!

Core Values

Education. We view education as an integral part of being a global citizen. We hope to bring awareness to world issues, cross-cultural relationships, and continue to educate ourselves outside of the classroom. We strive to learn how we can build respectful and sustainable relationships with other countries around the world.

Engagement. We seek to encourage involvement and engagement within the community in whatever way people are able. This blog is meant to support volunteering, studying abroad, pursuing education in a variety of ways, donating, service, and spreading awareness. We aim to provide and search for resources, tips, and encouragement for anyone who wants to create change through action.

Open-Mindedness. We feel that being an ethical citizen of the world means being open-minded. It is important to be open to new experiences and opportunities, but also, being open to critical reflection and expanding viewpoints. Just as we would like our readers to be open to different points of view and interested in looking critically at themselves and their own bias, we promise to also be open to your respectful comments and feedback.

Curiosity. We want to learn for the sake of learning. What things are like in other countries and cultures, food, language, religion, social norms, and everything in between. Our curiosity drives us to seek new experiences and continue to ask questions.

Passion. Pursue what you are passionate about. Whether its world issues, business, food, teaching, find your passion and take the steps needed to fulfill yourself.

Now it is your turn to tell us! What are you passionate about? Comments welcome!

See you this Monday for our first content post! We will be discussing the demographics of international volunteers and how that affects relationships globally. Stay tuned!

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