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About Quinn

Preparing for a tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan

I’m Quinn, a 23 year old graduate of Western Washington University.

I’m something of a jack-of-all-trades. I am a photographer, leatherworker, illustartor, graphic designer, author, poet, historian, student, mechanic, cowboy, sailor, and a monk. I look back with envy on such figures as Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin and reject the modern notion that people need to have a specialty in order to be successful.

What I pride myself in is my ability to turn my dreams into a reality and take advantage of opportunities. This often requires versatility, so I try to be flexible in my views attitudes, skills and lifestyle. I’m here to make sure if you have hopes of travel and adventure, they don’t just keep bouncing around in your head forever, and that excuses like lack of time, money, courage, language etc. don’t hold you back for long.

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