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A Trial of Patience: Updates from Phil

September 24, 2012

Our friend Phil wrote for us awhile back in Applying to Teach in South Korea and Learning Lessons Along the Way. He has some updates on his progress we wanted to share with our readers, reminding youth that while life is full of setbacks, there are always options for those willing to put in the work.


Hello fellow readers! Korea continues to elude me I’m afraid, the job market has slowed down considerably in South Korea due to the recent global recession. The recovery is slow there, parents who are looking to save money are willing to pull their children out of the private after-school programs in S.Korea, known as Hogwans, causing them to downsize. The native English speakers working at these schools have also been affected, unable to find secure work back home, some have elected to stay in Korea and teach. These two factors have dramatically decreased the number of job openings and made the race to secure them all the more competitive. To increase my chances, I have continued to work on my TEFL certification and have expanded my search for schools hiring English speakers. As the old saying goes, never put all your eggs in one basket, so I’ve begun applying to several local businesses, just to be safe, but let’s not focus on that.

To broaden my search I have turned to several online resources, which have helped me considerably. First off is another recruiting agency, Footprints Recruiting. This website was on a list presented by my career counselor, but I had ignored it after I got accepted to adventure teaching. I dont know enough to give a detailed review, however it does offer a greater variety of countries to teach in; Georgia, Indonesia, and Oman, to name a few. It also gives details on living in certain countries, which can prove invaluable.

There are also two schools that act as both job boards and school review sites: Dave’s ESL cafe, a site I have been using for some time, and the ESL Teacher’s Board. I primarily use Dave’s ESL Cafe and have only recently begun applying to jobs posted on the site, namely to positions in Taiwan, S. Korea and Thailand, so again I cannot give a substantial review. I will caution the reader though, treat these jobs postings like you would those on Craigslist, take everything with a grain of salt and do your research. At the same time, treat the user reviews carefully too, anyone can post, with a variety of motivations and causes.

Do your research and take your time, nothing good ever came easily.

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