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Photo of the Week: Views from Lake Geneva, Switzerland

August 31, 2012

Our guest photographer of the week is our friend, Matthew! Matt  got a paper published in a conference and got a free trip to Switzerland, demonstrating there are many ways for youth today to travel abroad! Check out his photo reflection below. If you would like to share your story, email us at


I recently had the wonderful opportunity to take a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland. Lausanne is a city located northeast of Geneva in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, on the coast of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). Naturally, I decided to take a short walk down to the Saint Sulpice waterfront where I took this photo.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

The view was amazing! Thus, I tried to emphasize the breathtaking nature of the scenery on the shore of Lake Geneva in this picture. I decided to fill most of the frame with the sky (violating the rule of thirds in the process) in order to capture more of the interesting texture and lighting in the clouds and emphasize the vastness and clarity of the blue sky.  More importantly, the clouds add a sense of direction to the picture which encourages the viewer to move their head from left to right when looking at the photo — as if he or she were admiring the lake in real life! The mountains near the bottom of the photo and their reflections off Lake Geneva along with the individual birds resting on the lake further add to the beauty and tranquil nature of the scene.

In addition to the lake, the city of Lausanne showcases a wide variety of architecture. The surrounding countryside is amazingly green and peaceful, often consisting of terraced vineyards — Don’t forget to taste some Swiss wine while you’re there!


Thanks for the picture Matt! Keep writing papers and earning those free trips!

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