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Capture the Colour Photo Contest

August 24, 2012

The website Travel Supermarket is holding a contest that coincides nicely with the theme behind our own photo of the week, so today I’m going to highlight some of my favorite travel-oriented photos I have taken over the past several years. The contest guidelines asked for submissions that highlighted a particular color, and those parameters forced me to dig up work both old and new from all over the world, captured with a variety of photographic equipment. It’s a pleasure being able to recall my various trips and how I grew as both a photographer and a person along the way.

Check out Capture the Colour Contest here for more information or to give it a go yourself.



This shot should be familiar to our readers, since it also serves as our banner image. I took this with a very basic point-and-shoot at the peak of Whistler in BC, Canada. Aside from photography skiing is one of the hobbies I take most seriously, and while I have tackled a variety of mountains on the West Coast, this was my favorite. I’m not the only fan of this place, though, since a few years after I took this picture it became the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics (as I mentioned in our last photo of the week).

Seeing the mountains jutting out transformed the clouds below into a thin river I felt a freezing breeze whip by, giving me a little taste of the exhilarating run to come. The cold majesty of the scene really reinforced how no matter where in the world I go, this little piece of it will always hold a place in my heart.



I was torn between this photo and another of the Monte Verde rainforest in Costa Rica. While the other might be more exotic, and offer a little more variety since my blue photo was also from BC, I just had to go with this picture I took during a sailing/camping trip in Vancouver, Canada. This is the first photo I ever took I was really proud of, in my earliest days as an aspiring photographer. In a way, it fueled my interest in the art as I took the rowboat out to explore new and interesting angles with a point-and-shoot borrowed from my parents. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet I frequently found that a good story or explanation painted a scene better than my camera. I wanted to reach the truth behind that saying, and this was the moment when I could finally respond when people asked me how my trip went and what I did by saying, “Here, let me show you.”



As I grew as a photographer and a traveler I came across a problem. Some of the places I got to visit were attractions that were documented thousands of times every day. Of course I still had to take a picture, but as an artist I wanted my voice to come through. While bathed in artificial light and the sound of countless tourists, I stared up one of the legs of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I lifted my G7 Powershot and found my answer.


Japan is my most recent international trip and as such consists of my most developed artistic work. It is also the only major adventure where I brought an SLR, and did my best to make the most of it. Since much of my trip also revolved around the study and practice of Zen Buddhism, I also developed a taste for minimalist aesthetics and the concept of wabi-sabi. I tried to express those philosophies in this picture of a window behind a delicious noodle restaurant on Miyajima Island, Japan, just outside of the Shinto shrine of Itsukushima.



Kyoto is a city of art, culture and history, and during my stay there I had the opportunity to attend a concert featuring traditional music of Japan. This picture is of a university student in formal dress playing the koto, a traditional Japanese harp. Western culture we often associate red with aggression, passion and love, and yet the music I heard that night was very serene; even a bit lonely in a hauntingly beautiful sort of way. But those associations don’t always cross cultural barriers, and it is this juxtaposition that reminds me of the great diversity we see in this world.

And as per the contest rules, we are nominating 5 bloggers to take part in this contest:

  1. Spend Your Days
  2. Confessions of a Conscious Consumer
  3. My Year on a Whim
  4. Climbcarstensz
  5. The Open Suitcase

Capture the Colour ends August 29th so enter soon!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. August 31, 2012 4:32 am

    I like the concentration on the harp-player’s face.

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